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ProBloggen: WordPress Blogging like a Pro!

ProBloggen: Your one stop help if it comes to creating your blog, website, community or webshop. All is mainly WordPress, Woocommerce, Buddypress, bbpress. Simply because we think there is no alternative, large based platform for building websites.

Why, another site that shows tutorials about working with websites build on the WordPress platform?

Well to be honest… Mainly because we needed a “tutorial website” that would show our many customers how they could work with their website, or even better..have their website work for them.There are many “how-to websites” out there, but they all seem to not answer the question our clients had. Eighter they are off topic, to technical. or set up in a way that is not easy to answer that one and simple question.

Great, why do your customers pay and are you sharing this information with us for free?

Well first of all, our customers do not pay one cent for explenations or tutorials like these, because we believe our products should speak for themselves and where explenations is needed, it should be!


Okay. why are you showing ads on your website, if you think this information should be provided for free?Well, first of all we are providing this information for free, although we know others would charge you for it…big time!Running a website simply costs money. Think of these words you are reading now. They were typed by someone whose expertise is certainly valuable. A website needs to be hosted somewhere. the domain needs to be renewed every year. The graphics used are all bought licences or created by ourselves with programs our licenses that cost money…i guess you get the picture by now. There are costs involved no matter how. part of it we get out of sponsorship or being payed because we are an affiliate of some product or service we highly recommend. Not because we get payed by them, but because we think it is a good product or service.

So, now we got that sorted out…

Let us help you to get you on your way and lets create something wonderfull!I case you get stuck? just Ask, we might help you out!    

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